Hope Matters


Well is been almost 7 months since this whole ordeal began. Jacki has completed her Chemo cycles and now we wait for a PET-scan in about 6 more weeks to see the results. Jacki has returned to work and is doing well, but tired. It’s to be expected as it will take a few months to get all her energy back. I’ve been job hunting daily with zero results so far. It’s been almost 10 years since I’ve been out in the work force and I can say a lot has changed. So impersonal, everything is pretty much done online. It does seem a bit bleak at times. We hoped to keep things going with the house, for the very least until we get her results back. However; it does not look like that will be the case. We’d like to thank everyone for their help and support though all this. We would not have made it this long without your help. The sad reality is that the current bills are exceeding our current income and without me finding a decent full-time job we will probably default by the end of July. There will be light somewhere at the end of this journey and I am thankful for everyday that I have Jacki right her by my side. Love you all, Gabe and Jacki


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