Catch the blood and guts dropping from the bloody blade, but avoid the bones!

“Looks like a worker got caught in this machine again. Better wipe up the mess before the cleaning lady finds out. And mind your fingers…”

Click and scrape up to wipe off.  Read safety notice first. Keep first aid kit at hand. Wear gloves.

Featuring :

– Three difficulty levels

– In-game tutorial: New elements are introduced during the first ten levels

– 8 squeegee sizes, 4 bonuses and 4 penalties randomly spice up the game

– Super-bonus Waterbomb for emergencies at higher levels

– Random fast blood drips

– Online scores

– Achievements

– Creepy sound effects, and lots of blood!

Albondigas En Salsa Recipe

Albondigas En Salsa Recipe

Today we are learning how to make a delicious Spanish dish. This recipe is great if you participate at a Spanish buffet or if you want a nice dinner with your family. This recipe contains meatballs in a simple but amazing sauce made from beef broth, parsley and walnuts. This is great from the moment you start to cook it. It\’s tasty and you should try it!

Sliding Orc

Sliding Orc

Orc were collecting food for the winter to come. Help him collect all the meats while dodging all the obstacle and enemies along the way. Just make sure you’re not run of time on collecting per level. Try to get all the meats as much as you can to get yourself the highest score possible.rnrnLeft Right Arrow = movernUp Arrow = jumprnP = pause