Miracle rain

Miracle rain

Mouse = Move/ShootrnrnBlast away the earth’s pretty palaces with your hellish ray gun! Match the ray gun’s color to a palace using the sun menu at the bottom of the screen, then click the target to shoot. Destroy all palaces to advance to the next level. Maneuver the ship to different spots on the map for a clean shot, but watch out—you have limited fuel, ammo, and time to complete your mission!

Errors of Reflection – Innercity Life

Errors of Reflection - Innercity Life

Make a journey through a mysterious city and visit extraordinary places where reflections don’t follow our laws of nature and alter your sense of vision. Search and find all reflection errors!

“The distinction between appearance and reality is a central part of each mode of reflection. Each leaves open the possibility that what appears to be the case is not. Each mode of reflection, therefore, recognizes the possibility of errors.” [John Kekes]

-Remove a reflection error by clicking on it.
-Get access to help and other options by clicking on the error counter.
-After removing all errors click on the error counter to visit the next place.
-The faster you find all errors the higher your score will be.
-During pause and exit screen playtime is halted.
-Unsuccessful clicks and the use of help will decrease your score.
-Everytime help is used it takes longer to reactivate the help button.
-Game progress will also increase the cool-down time of the help button.